P1030500I’m a Mum of a wonderful energetic eight year old. I also work part time in my husband’s chiropractic practice, volunteer on school and community projects and am working on some work at home projects.  One would think that having a chiropractor for a husband (Steve) I would be a great example of health!  Well, what Steve does for me through chiropractic is wonderful. I truly believe in the importance of chiropractic in maintaining a healthy spine, posture and nervous system and how this affects one’s health. However this is only one piece of what is needed for a fully healthy body and happy life. As Steve tries to tell his patients – he will do his job, but it is up to them to do theirs in changing their lifestyle. I have not been the best at doing this myself, particularly with exercise, limiting sugar (particularly chocolate!) and managing my work load.

I have a keen interest in natural health but have had sporadic efforts at putting the knowledge I have researched (and continue to research) into practice.  I would like to improve my health and fitness so that I can meet the challenges of motherhood, work, and volunteering commitments with energy and enthusiasm and perhaps even some serenity.

Wellness is defined the World Health Organisation as “a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  I lost my Mum to bowel cancer (aged 47) at seventeen and my Dad to pancreatic cancer (aged 65).  I want to give my self the best chance at being around for a very long time for my husband, daughter and family, and to love the life I am living too.  My aim is adding years to my life but also life to my years!

I thought a blog journaling my progress would help me to keep on track and get inspired.  Perhaps I can inspire others along the way? You will see a lot about food (my Dad was a chef and my Mum a great cook and baker) and increasingly more about growing food, exercise and even some parenting strategies that I find useful.

I hope you enjoy the read.  Comments and suggestions welcome!


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