Steve’s Lemon Ginger Blast

After a very long time, we have finally started adding some vegetable juices back into our daily routine. It sure feels good!

We started off with two carrot based ones. I would recommend that if you are new to juicing or haven’t done it for a while you start with something that has some sweetness from carrots and/or apples. Then reduce the carrot or apple down gradually.

The first one we started with was a carrot apple ginger blend.  I found this one from Two Blue Lemons and it was a really nice mix.   The second was “Chocolate Milk”.  Now the word is that this blend tastes like and has the consistency of chocolate milk.  I can’t say I would go that far, however the texture was very nice and the flavour very agreeable.  The basic ingredients of this one are romaine, carrot and spinach (or kale).  We’ll get our favourite ratios of this to you soon.

For now though, I want to talk about Steve’s fantastic “Lemon Ginger Blast”.  My fabulous hubbie came up with this one and it is my favourite so far.  Less sweet and so refreshing.  We’re heading in the direction of having green juices with little to no carrot or apple.  This is a great start.

Steve’s Fantastic Lemon Ginger Blast

1 head romaine lettuce

1 cucumber

1/2 head of celery, leaves too

2 apples (fuji juice well)

1/2 bunch kale

2 lemons

2 inch piece of ginger

Three quick juicing tips:

1) Alternative your leafy vegetables with celery and cucumber.

2) Finish with celery

3) Put the pulp through the juicer once more to increase your yield

Enjoy the refreshing taste and the soothing of your nerves.

We are currently using and loving the Omega Juicer 8006 model.  We purchased this from Upaya Naturals.


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