Picking Ripe Fruit and Minimizing Spoilage – Produce Management 101

We have been eating a lot – and I mean a lot of fruits and vegetables lately.  We would probably be using even more if we had an extra fridge and chest freezer (more berry supplies-mmmm!).

With two green smoothies a day between Steve and myself, vegetable juices, fruit and vegetables for Elise (some raw vegetables are finally sneaking in to Elise’s mouth!) and our evening meal vegetables, we have a lot of produce to manage.

We recently found two videos that have been helpful to us in managing our produce.

First of all – Fully Raw Kristina gives you tips on how to choose when your fruit is really ripe.  I never used to be able to eat yellow spotty bananas.  I had convinced myself that I just didn’t like them and “could not” eat them like this.  With some gentle persuasion from Steve, I finally came around and I have to admit, really ripe bananas really are digested more easily.  And best of all, they make your smoothies, yoghurts, raw treats etc taste so much more amazing! We have been following Kristina’s tip on spreading your bunches of bananas around your room and this has really worked! You might also be fascinated by Kristina’s story, and more recently her video on how her eyes changed colour when she changed her diet.  Something to really think about. I am not “Fully Raw”. I don’t know if I ever will be.  I am however really benefiting from increasing a lot of raw foods in my diet.

Secondly, John Kohler from OK Raw shares some great tips on how to mimimize spoilage with your fruits and vegetables.   We have found John’s story and videos to be really inspiring as well.  He has really helped us out with our young thai coconuts lately with his tips.  More in another post covering coconut yoghurt and fermented coconut water soon.


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