Berry Chard Cacao (or Carob) Green Smoothie with Ground Flaxseeds

As I type I am still flipping over how delicious my morning smoothie was and thinking I am probably on a Raw Cacao caffeine high right now!  I try not to use the stuff too much these days as I think I am a little super sensitive to the caffeine.  I can’t drink coffee at all as I get the jitters.  Raw Cacao gives me a energy and mental clarity boost but then I get the jitters too!  But we have a packet that needs to finished off so I’ll do that and then revert back to carob.  If you are not so sensitive to caffeine you might like to use cacao as the flavour is definitely more chocolaty! Here’s the recipe:

Berry Chard Cacao (or Carob) Green Smoothie with Ground Flaxseeds

Half a bunch of Chard – rainbow is nice – very sweet and colourful

1-1/2 cups Filtered Water

Juice of 1 lemon

Handful of fresh or frozen blueberries

Handful of fresh of frozen blackberries (or raspberries)

2 Bananas

2 TB Ground Brown Flaxseeds (soaked in a little water after ground overnight if possible)

2 TB Raw Cacao powder (or Carob Powder to taste)

Note: If you have a bag of frozen mixed berries (eg strawberry/raspberry/blackberry mix, a couple of handfuls will work just fine)

Method (because there is a method to getting the perfect green smoothie!):

1) Blend the chard with the lemon juice, flax seeds and water in a blender.

2) Add the berries and blend until smooth. (as it can be with the berry seeds).

3) Add the bananas and Cacao (or Carob) powder and blend, stopping and starting a few times.

4) Enjoy!

Now I can just smell the beautiful ripe mangoes beside me waiting for lunch!  Mango Lime Coconut Green Smoothie anyone?


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