Peaceful Parenting

Parenting is tough.  There are so many different opinions out there on the best way to parent which makes a difficult job even more difficult.  What I have found so far though is that when carrying out a parenting technique – if it consistently feels bad doing it – it probably isn’t right for you.  I have not been fanatical in implementing parenting techniques however out of sheer exhaustion and frustration I have at times used such methods as warnings, time out and more recently a reward chart.  However while I was achieving some sanity in getting Elise to comply with me I felt like she was doing it because she was scared.

I don’t want my daughter growing up scared of me.  I want to develop a co-operative relationship where we have have limits while acknowledging  her feelings, not squashing them down.  I do feel Elise knows how much she is loved (has the feeling rather than understanding it at this point). However I feel I need another set of tools to really develop a relationship based on respect, trust, empathy and co-operation.  I’m sure this will help her to grow into a kind, honest, caring and productive member of our family and the community

I am part way through reading Simplicity Parenting and through this and some positive role models from Elise’s school I have already started to make a shift.  Elise’s teacher forwarded me a link to a free audio talk on Peaceful Parenting.  I listened an really had that “aha” moment.  Everything that was being said resonated with me. I am just about to start a Peaceful Parenting audio and workbook course with Jolette Jai.  I will be journalling my progress regarding this here.


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