Towards Plastic-Free

I have never felt very happy with having plastic in the home, whether it be toys, food containers, furniture etc.  There are varying opinions out there on the safety of plastic.  Some chemists argue that it is safe.  But I’d rather not take the chance.  It goes beyond that too.  The resources required and the ecological damage caused by the sourcing of materials and manufacturing concerns me.

Recently I have been on a simplifying purge and I have included plastic in this (I recycled and donated what I purged).  I started with plastic containers in the kitchen.  I was at first hesitant as I started to worry what I would put anything in.  One day I visited a friend’s house and she was using old jars for everything including freezing food and using jars as water glasses.  The sheer simplicity was beautiful.  She also suggested that a lot of the charity shops have old preserving jars for very reasonable prices.

So I came home and started transitioning to glass.  I first got my supply of glass jars that I had been saving to hopefully do some preserving in the summer. I’ve now used them all up so will need to head to the charity shop to stock up.

I now have the piece of mind of knowing that I don’t have to worry what I put in my jars.  If something is warm, I can put it in and leave it to cool.  I don’t have to worry about storing food containing tomatoes, which apparently is most likely to get contaminated.   I also know that from now on any purchases I make will be with this “plastic-free” goal in mind.  So I will be doing more for the planet too.

Beyond having piece of mind I have experienced another benefit of changing to glass.  Everything looks so much more beautiful in glass.  When I open the fridge I see a wonderful display of colours and textures beyond the glass.  And everything is so much easier to find and organize as I can see everything!

So my challenge now is to reduce the rest of the plastic in the house.  We don’t have a huge amount as I have tried to been mindful.  We have tried to minimize plastic toys for example.  I’ve wondered what is a realistic goal.  Could we go completely plastic-free?  Well, once upon a time the world did not have plastic so of course it can be done! Tune in again to check on this journey.


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