Chestnut Roast (Recipe Trial)

I have recently discovered chestnuts.  They are scrumptious! I recently made another recipe (will post about it soon) with them and Elise and Steve absolutely loved it.  I wanted to try them in something else so I tried this recipe from Gillian McKeith’s “You Are What You Eat Cookbook”. It is an absolute winner for the whole family.  Elise gobbled this meal up with no picking at the it even though it was packed with parsnips, carrots and leeks. The optional goats cheese added a lovely contrast to the other flavours and textures.

This meal is very festive tasting with the root vegetables, the thyme and rosemary.  It takes a little bit more preparation.  I prepared half of it earlier in the day so that all I had to do was mix everything together and bake it before dinner. While it was baking I had the time – and energy to make a chickpea, orange and carrot salad and steam some brussel sprouts to go with it.   Everything went well together.  This was a vegetarian meal that was very reminiscent of christmas dinner.


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