The Liver Cleansing Diet by Sandra Cabot, M.D

I have had this book for years.  I love to used it day to day but if you are looking for an introductory gentle way of cleansing you might like to follow the program Dr Cabot sets out in the book.  You can eat in this program so you won’t go hungry! This is really just a new method of eating well so you can continue it on after the program as well. The recipes are delicious using whole foods, herbs and spices to make things taste great. There is a little bit of sugar used in the baking recipes but this can be substituted. I would say if you having fallen into poor eating habits for some time get to grips with this first as a foundation and then amend things further from there.  There are some chicken and seafood recipes in the book but I have included it in the vegetarian section as well as it has a lot of vegetarian recipes.

Description: The ground breaking concepts in this best selling book made Dr Cabot a household name and opened the eyes of millions around the world to the importance of the liver to maintain a healthy body and immune system. Hundreds of delicious liver cleansing recipes will help you to apply the liver friendly principles to your life. Look good and feel great on The Liver Cleansing Diet. Dr Cabot’s book contains invaluable information for all readers.

  • The unique 8 week eating plan to detoxify and control your weight.
  • The vital principles of a healthy liver.
  • How to help your liver to reverse “fatty liver” and to Improve Liver function for those suffering with hepatitis.
  • Steps to overcome child obesity.
  • A fascinating insight into the ancient Chinese and naturopathic philosophies on liver problems.
  • Liver tonics from herbs and nutritional medicine to speed up weight loss (with scientific references) and to help repair a damaged liver.
  • The futuristic artificial liver for those with serious liver disease.

A healthy liver is the key to efficient fat metabolism and weight control. The liver-cleansing diet has many benefits:

  1. Increased energy levels.
  2. Detoxification and cleansing of the blood stream.
  3. Reduction of inflammation and degenerative diseases.
  4. Better immune function.
  5. Efficient fat metabolism.
  6. Weight control.

The liver is the gateway to the body and takes the load off our precious immune system.

Who Can Benefit?

For the thousands of patients who suffer with overburdened immune systems, hepatitis, chronic fatigue, obesity, fatty livers and recurring blocked arteries (even after bypass surgery). Let’s not suffer with what I call the “fossilized brain syndrome” where lateral and original thinking becomes a crime. Remember that a healthy liver will reduce depression and moodiness and therefore enable you to laugh more and not get too overheated or as the Chinese say “gung ho” about life’s little tribulations.

Your Liver Check-Up

Do you suffer from:

1) Being Overweight?

2) Abdominal bloating?

3) Poor digestion?

4) Frequent fatigue?

5) Headaches?

6) Unpleasant moods?

7) Bad breath and coated tongue?

8) Irritable bowel syndrome?

9) Sluggish metabolism?

10) Overburdened immune system?

11) Excessive bodyheat?

12) High cholesterol?

13) Gall bladder disease?

14) Fatty Liver?

15) Allergies?

16) High blood pressure?

17) Sugar cravings?

18) Intolerance to alcohol?

19) Excess alcohol intake?

20) Inability to lose weight?


Do you simply enjoy the good life too much?

If you answer YES to several of these questions then YOUR LIVER NEEDS HELP!

LOSE WEIGHT! FEEL GREAT! on the Liver-Cleansing Diet


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